August 31st, 2016


Swan latte art

------------------ Latte Art Swan/Peacock --------------------
This video shows how to pour Latte Art in the shape of a swan (or a peacock).

+----------------------Style: Simple Pour-------------------------+
+-----Requirements: Espresso + Steamed milk------+

-------Draw Swan on coffee------How to make swan in latte------Step-by-step to pour Latte Art Swan/Peacock----

l. Pour your espresso into a wide mouthed cup and have a pitcher of hot, frothy milk ready to go.
2. Sword the milk (swirl/spin) in the pitcher until the milk surface shines.
3. Start by making a rosetta on one side of the cup and instead of running the steamed milk through the middle of the
rosetta waves, pull the steamed milk along side the rosetta which creates the wing.
4. When your pitcher reaches the bottom of the wing hold your pitcher still while shaking the pitcher side-to-side which creates the body of the swan. Make sure the shakes are small as you only want to make a small circle body and nudge the pitcher forward a little.
5. When the body is complete then hold the pitcher still and drag it towards you to make the swans neck. When you reach the
top of the cup, bend the swans neck down in a U shape motion. Keep the pitcher close to the crema of the coffee when
making the neck as you want the foam to drag behind.
6. Finally, hold the pitcher still and shake it side-to-side to make a small circle. Lift the pitcher to create thin and steady stream of
milk and follow through with the milk through the circle which creates the swans head. Now, enjoy your Swan latte art!
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