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Butterfly latte art

------------------ Latte Art Butterfly --------------------
This video shows how to pour Latte Art in the shape of a Butterfly.

-------Draw Butterfly on coffee-----Step-by-step to pour Latte Art Butterfly----

1. Pour your espresso into a wide mouthed cup and have a pitcher of hot, frothy milk ready to go.

2. Sword the milk (swirl/spin) in the pitcher until the milk surface shines.

3. Tilt the espresso cup slightly as you start to pour the steamed milk. Start pouring slowly at first, then increase speed right into the middle of the cup and stop when the cup is full which makes a nice solid dot at the center.

4. With some tool either pin or wooden skewer with a fine point, make a nice looking antenna, by dip it into the middle of the solid dot. Then take it out and create an arc running from the upper edge of the cup, on either the left or right side, to the middle of the solid dot. Repeat the process for the opposite antenna.

5. Grab your fine point tool and begin from the brown crema foam on the bottom left or right of solid dot. Move the brown crema in an arc from the side you have chosen to the middle of the solid dot. Repeat this process again for the other side of the butterfly.

6. Now, dip the fine point object into the milk foam and pull the foam out to the four edges of the cup. Make sure you do this
with a slight arc to give all four butterfly wings a unique curvature.
7. Start on the left or right side of your butterfly in the brown crema foam and move the brown foam to the center of the butterfly with a single stroke. Do this for the opposite side which separate the
wings into the four parts.
Now, enjoy your Butterfly latte art!

-------Perfection Tips--------

1. Take bowl shaped latte cup and Stainless steel frothing pitcher for perfect shape. It will allow you to see the developing latte art design more easily.

2. Keep the cup slightly inclined toward you until it is close to spilling. The more the tilt, the more quickly the milk will mark
the surface.

3. Slowly start pouring the milk into the cup until you see a cloud of white billowing up and level the cup smoothly so nothing spills.

4. Swirl the mug a few times and rap it gently against the counter just after frothing and just before pouring.

5. Use fresh milk for every cup, even if you have milk left over from the previous cup.

-------------- Factors Determine Outcome of Shape -----------------

Speed : The faster you pour the more texture you're going to create, and likewise the slower you pour the more liquid you're
going to get out.

Distance : The further you are from the surface of the coffee, the more the milk is going to dive underneath the surface of
the coffee. The closer you get the spout of the pitcher to the surface of the coffee, the more that white is going to want to snap
out right on top of that coffee.

Location : This simply refers to where you are pouring. Are you in the middle of the cup, are you on the side of the cup, are you
pouring on the counter and missing the cup entirely.

Thanks for watching!

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