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Heart latte art

This video shows how to pour Latte Art in the shape of a heart.
+----------------------Style: Simple Pour-------------------------+
+-----Requirements: Espresso + Steamed milk------+
------Draw heart on coffee-----How to make heart in latte----Step-by-step to pour Latte Art Heart-----
1. Tilt the coffee cup then pour milk into the center until a large white circle appears
2. With one hand, tilt the cup at an angle and hold firmly. With your other hand, hold the pitcher so the spout is about one-inch away from the surface of the espresso-and-milk mixture. Pour the milk into the center of the cup until a solid white circle appears.
3. To create the bottom point of a heart, raise the pitcher and pour the milk in a straight line away from you
4. When the cup is about three-quarters full, raise the height of the pitcher by an inch and pour the milk away from you to cut through the center and make the bottom point of the heart. Enjoy!
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